Opulentus Services Helped Me To Acquire Australia Permanent Visa

Sincere thanks to the entire team Opulentus for you have been the best in providing me the best concierge Services.

I was confident of my abilities to pursue a challenging career in Australia for which I opted the skilled Independent visa. Regarding this I searched for the information on the internet to know the complete process of acquiring this visa. I went ahead with the visa process to find that I failed in submitting my application properly. However, the next time I tried to see that nothing was missed out and applied for the same and eventually realized that my application was turned down given the improper documentation.

Disheartened I did want to repeat the same mistake and wished to avail the help of someone who can guide and support me with the process of acquiring a visa. During such instance, I came to know about Opulentus through its reviews and its comments. With intent to regain my confidence levels I visited the office and placed my requirements before them.

The entire team, who has been highly professional, gave the information on the requirements and the way they can be fulfilled. Moreover, their support extended to providing supporting documentation filling the application completely and accurately and facing the interview confidently.

All these have helped me in securing my visa to Australia for which I would like to thank you.


  1. When I first approached Opulentus, I thought it was like any other visa agency. When I spoke to them, I changed my opinion to some extent and I thought I was completely wrong when they guided me as to which country was best for me based on my profession. Opulentus visa company is just awesome.

  2. I give a five star to Opulentus Visa Consultancy for the skill and expertise they exhibited in dealing my case. They were the first immigration consultancy which I approached and without doubt, simply the best.

  3. If you are in search of a visa consultancy that offers solutions for all your requirements, then consult the help desk of Opulentus today to resolve your issues.

  4. I rate ten out of ten for their quality work and for getting my Australian student visa get approved in no time. Opulentus is simply a best immigration consultancy that in have never come across.

  5. I am interested to migrate to Australia as a skilled worker. I would like to ask you guys which visa option is better for me. And, will you provide assistance for that visa? If yes please reply me so that I will never approach you.

  6. I am feeling very glad with Opulentus immigration experts support. The advice and assistance given by their experts are really awesome. They really need a standing owe.

  7. I wish to permanently settle in the beautiful country of Australia as it has better job prospects and good quality of lifestyle at affordable costs. Please can you help me in my endeavor?

  8. I am planning to settle down in Australia, the land of kangaroos to enhance my skills and abilities. Will help me out with the best visa option that suits my need?

  9. Opulentus consultants helped me outstandingly with documentation and lawfully related issues while filing the visa application. Big thanks to entire team. I am planning for a holiday trip to Australia wills you guys help me?

  10. I wish to study in Australia but I don’t know the application procedure of Australia student visa. Can you please tell me what are the requirements and tests to be taken? I would be waiting for your reply.

  11. Thanks Opulentus for assisting me in Australia work visa process. Will you provide my sister the details of Australia student visa?

  12. I don’t have any consciousness and cognizance on the immigration process of Australia? Will your professional team help me out in that immigration application and norms process?

  13. I got recently married and I am planning to take my wife along with me with the spousal visa option of Australia. Can your well-trained staff support me with the abreast norms of the country?

  14. I wish to work in Australia as a skilled independent worker. Can Opulentus help me in migrating to this kangaroo nation?

    1. As per my knowledge, it totally depends of the visa option that you choose and time taken by the concerned authorities of the country to on assess your credentials.

  15. I only want to go to NewZealand for the ICC World Cup tournament; do I still apply for a tourist visa for Australia?

    1. You do not need to apply for a visitor visa to Australia if you only wish to attend the tournaments in New Zealand.

  16. I am passionate about working in Australia and I am planning to immigrate to my dream destination through Australian Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189). Is it a permanent residence visa?

    1. Yes rajesh, this special visa class is applicable for all skilled workers to travel and reside in the country permanently without any constraints

    1. It entirely depends on the work you wish to undertake and the visa you apply for. If you are a skilled applicant who possess special skills and qualifications which the country is in need of, then you can be sponsored the employer of the country.

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