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Hi, this is Dayana. I am a software engineer. I am writing this to share a few words about how Opulentus has helped in migrating to Canada.

I had plans to migrate to Canada. As I am not aware of the process and all, I have approached Opulentus to process my visa application.

Opulentus Client Testimonial

Opulentus Review |Testimonial

As soon as I have contacted them, they received me with utmost respect. I have expressed my interest of migrating to Canada. Being well-experienced and highly professionalized, they have looked into each and every issue and assisted me throughout my process.

Even the processing fee is quite low when compared to other consultancies. They have explained me even the most-complicated procedures to be followed and asked me to take the required tests. I have given all the documents that are required for visa processing. Their guidance was very good and support was awesome.

I was guided well for how to navigate through the whole process and how to prepare for the interview. Having years of experience in this field, they knew what to provide and how to proceed on for successful process.

At last, I was granted with the visa and the entire credit goes to the Opulentus and its team who has given me excellent guidance throughout the process. Their service was awesome and assistance was great.

I would definitely recommend them in my circles. I would be grate full to the entire team for their support and assistance provided to me throughout the process.

Thank you very much for all you have done to me for the whole period of my interaction


  1. Before Opulentus, getting a visa was a pain in the neck. Approach the local broker and he will beat around the bush, mint money and so much other stuff. After Opulentus came, all my worries regards to visa vanished in a day. I tell everyone to approach Opulentus as I know how good they are.

  2. When I approached Opulentus and told them that I wanted to migrate to the United States, they told me that Denmark immigration would be a better option. They even explained to me all the benefits of migrating to Denmark on Danish Green Card visa. They are the best in the industry.

  3. I was inspired by the way how Opulentus helped me to get my visa processed in time. Thank you for all your efforts. Thanks a lot.

  4. Opulentus Visa Company has extended a lot of support in my visa processing. They took care of all my documentation and other requirements regarding my visa processing. Thanks a lot Opulentus for the help.

  5. Opulentus rendered me outstanding post landing services. My house owner started troubling me after 3 months; as I didn’t know any person in US, I approached Opulentus help desk. They looked into my trouble and resolved it immediately by searching other home in the same area.

  6. Opulentus takes care of the entire visa processing right from the start till the end without any tension. Thank you Opulentus for making things easy.

  7. Opulentus team has helped me so much in my visa processing. I got a positive reply and I thank my case officer for all the help.

  8. One line is actually not sufficient to tell how good Opulentus. However, if you would ask me to put it in two or three words, I would say…they are the best.

  9. Thanks to Opulentus for making my process easy and hassle-free. I will surely recommend you to others and would never forget your help.

  10. I first went to Opulentus with many doubts. The guidance team at Opulentus listened to all my doubts patiently and gave me guidance. I finally chose a country based on their clear cut explanations and suggestions.

  11. I would like to thank Opulentus for the assistance offered during the immigration process. It would have been impossible for me to get my visa without your help.

  12. I would like to thank the entire team of Opulentus immigration consultants for their excellent services in processing my Australia permanent visa.

  13. My dream to migrate to Canada has become true just because of the support Opulentus immigration consultants in my visa process. My dream might not turn in to really if I would have not approached Opulentus.

  14. I got recently married and I am planning to take my wife to US that have good natural attractions and historical landscapes. Will your team aid me with the best visa options that suit my obligation?

  15. I want to know how to join my husband in Canada. I need complete information on Canada spouse visa including the requirements and application procedure. I will be grateful if you provide the details. Thank you.

    1. yeah, there are many options to immigrate to Australia including skilled independent, nominated as well as family sponsored visas. This is a point based system.

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