The USA is a famous tourist destination in the world

The United States of America is an amazing country of cultural heritage. Beautiful landscape, mesmerizing sceneries, breathtaking nature, and incredible lifestyle is making the country as one of the best tourist destination for the people around the world. The country rated as the second best tourist destination after France on the basis of an arrival of travelers.

In current time US proved itself as a global leader in every point of view. The financial growth of the country attracts the immigrants around the world. The beautiful landmarks and the tourist destination of the nation are the major source of attraction for the world wide traveler.

The major cities of America like Washington, Chicago, Boston and San Francisco attract huge number ofv peoples for coming to the United States. Time square in Manhattan and the New York are two most important source of attraction for the tourist. The government of US has generated remarkable revenue from the tourist arrival of the country.

The tourisim department of the country provides delighting parks, festivals, historical buildings, gambling, different museums, outdoor entertainment, spas and classic restaurants to the travelers of different country. The national parks of United States of America have a significant importance in worldwide. Many people come to America especially for these national parks. Normally many outdoor entertainments have been performed by the trained person of art and culture department of US.

The US has the most innovative and advanced cities of the world. The city life is totally different. The incredible nightlife in a city creates a long-lasting memory for the tourist. The amazing wildlife of the country is one point of discussion in this circumstance. The immigrant can go to America by the help of B1 or B2 visa for the purpose of tourisim, meeting relatives or friends or participating in any kind of social event. The tourist arrival in America is increasing in geometric progression.


Eligibility conditions for international students to study in Canadian universities

Canada is one of the leading countries for the higher studies of international students. The students of different countries desire to pursue their higher education in the Canadian international universities. The excellent education system of Canada magnetizes thousands of international students to study in the universities of Canada. World class education system with low tuition fees is one more advantage of a Canadian university. The employment opportunities for international students are also good in Canada.

There are some eligibility conditions for the international students to get the study permit in Canada. The candidate who is wishing to study at the University of Canada must have a letter of acceptance from the concerned university and he has credible enough for that course.

The applicant of study permit should have enough funds for his tuitions fees and the expense of accommodation during the stay in Canada. The applicant has to also provide the evidence that he can manage the expense of his family if any. The return transportation of the applicant and his family member should be paid by the applicant.

There should be no criminal record against the applicant. This one is a major criterion for getting eligible for Canadian study permit. The applicant should be a law-adhering citizen by whom he is not able to threaten the law and order of Canada.

The applicant for this purpose should have to maintain a good health and sometimes he may undergo the medical examination if the Canadian authorities needed. The student should have an intention to pursue a full-time course in a Canadian university and should complete it.

The applicant has to convince the immigration authority that he will definitely return to his own country after completion of his course or the authorized stay at Canada. The study permit is a printed authorization of immigration officer to allow the overseas students to study in the universities of Canada.



Australia proceeding to new china visa rules to increase tourism

Immigration newsPrime minister of Malcolm Turnbull said that Australia proceeding to new visa rules for students and visitors from china to improve the country education and tourism economy among the country. As a result the economy of the country has increased with the record number of china visitors i.e., 1 million. China and New Zealand is the fast growing batch with total spending in last year is of 7.7 billion.

At the start of china trip Turnbull said that china is most precious tourism market in Australia and A$ 8.3 billion has contributed by them. he also said mentioned that Australia will make the visa applications easier for china tourists to visit and also tried with 10 years validity visas for the first time. Turnbull mentioned that eight student visa sections are now reduced to two, which resembles the commitment of our country to boost Australia economic story, and which also makes paths to become close.

By this opportunities in academic, economic, social and commercial at entry level will increase further and Australians and Chinese become more closure which is a positive sign. Our country is launching a modernize global tourism campaign with A$40 million to help in filling the hole left by downturn of commodities , targeting to grow up in china market with a traditional large packages.

This created modernize independent and young traveler from china to our country and our economy going to be increased to double by 2024-25. Australia has an unsatisfactory growth in economy before but now china driven Australia such a way that economy has grown drastically which is one third of foreign tourists.

Canada Provinces and Provincial Nominee Program

Provincial Nominee Program Canada is the world’s second largest country; its provinces are resourceful and rich. The Federal structure of the Government allows the provinces to recruit candidates based on the skill shortages and labor market requirements of the Canada. It is the provinces prerogative to recruit candidates based on the requirements of the Canada.

Candidates nominated under non-express entry scheme have to submit an application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Applicants must meet the requirements set by the Canada Provinces.

All the applicants applying for the Provincial Nominee Programs through Canada Express Entry Scheme have to set the desired province as the priority option.

Eligibility for Canada Provincial Nominee Programs:

  •     Initially, apply for the province and then nominated by the province.
  •     In the later stage use for the IRCC for Canada Permanent Resident ship.

All the applicants have to create express entry profile to apply for the Canada Express Entry Scheme.

You can choose any province of the Canada, according to the below-mentioned criteria.

  •     Alberta
  •     British Columbia
  •     Manitoba
  •     New Brunswick
  •     Newfoundland and Labrador
  •     Northwest Territories
  •     Nova Scotia
  •     Ontario
  •     Prince Edward Island
  •     Saskatchewan
  •     Yukon

You can choose any of the provinces each province had its recruitment programs apart from the Canada Express Entry Scheme.

All the regions recruit candidates, based on the local labor market requirements. Canada has one of the longest boundary lines with the United States. Economic immigrants prefer the US bordered provinces; all the provinces take part in the Canada Express Entry Scheme.

57 Percent People of the world Support Immigration

57percent-people-of-world-population-support-immigrationAccording to the global survey on Immigration, People have opined differently, totally 57 percent have supported immigration and 32 percent of the people have considered it as unfavorable. Around 69 countries of the world have participated in the opinion polls, out of them 42 countries have opposed the immigration and only 27 have Supported the Immigration.

 African countries have been favorable to immigration when the people from the rich countries have been questioned, out of 17, only nine favored immigration and eight countries have opposed the immigration. In these countries, people draw an annual salary of over $35 000, and people are leading a happy life and more qualified than the local citizens of the country.

 Though there is a split opinion on Immigration, world countries cannot go without immigration. Immigration has become an economic imperative, and people love to immigrate for good economic prospects and future.

 Twenty-one countries of the European Union have been opposing the Immigration. Despite the opposition from the local citizens, there is massive immigration from the European countries and large-scale immigration is being welcomed annually by the countries.

 Many countries have made up to welcome immigrants to fill the gap in its industries. Skill shortages are the drawback of many industries. To mitigate the issue related to skills, countries welcome immigration. Economic migration to the countries has been the growing trend. Several countries invite immigration for economic progress, and the most of the world’s immigrant population reside only in the developed countries.

 There are several classes of migration that help countries grow, but illegal immigration becomes an economic burden to the country. People are against the immigrants who take away their job welcome the immigrant class who well integrate with their local culture.

What Are the Benefits of Australia Student Visa?

Irrespective of whether you want to do a degree or a semester in Australia, you should have a valid student visa. Just like many other visa procedures, Australia Immigration follows a strict process. You should keep few key things in mind during the application process. Luckily, the country is friendlier than many other study destinations. This is one of the major reasons behind the fame of Australia amongst students. You can get an unconditional visa offer if you satisfy few factors. With this being said, here is a quick walk through Australian Student Visas. These points will help you make a successful visa application.

The Two Options!

If you want to pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate degree by coursework, you should apply for a subclass 573 visa. On the other hand, if you want to apply for a postgraduate program by research, you should apply for a subclass 574 visa. These are the two major Australia student visa options for potential applicants.

The Stats

There is a time for everything! And, there is a time to apply for Australia Student visas too! The entire process is transparent and straightforward. Thus, you are less likely to lose track or feel astray. You can apply for an Australia Student Visa only if you have a valid Confirmation of Enrolment from a university/college. To get the Confirmation of Enrolment, you should have made an application, obtained a formal offer and paid a deposit fee. Meanwhile, you should comprehend the fact that you can make an application 124 days before the actual course. In case, you are not able to make an online application, you should send the Australia High Commission a paper application. Regardless of the method you follow, you can make an application only after a Confirmation of Enrolment is received.

The Benefits!

Would you believe if someone tells you that Australian Student Visa doesn’t have an age limit? Unlike working holiday visas, you don’t have any age limit for student visas. Hence, you can study at any age in Australia. And, if you have a working holiday visa, you can apply for a student visa too! These are two different schemes with unique benefits and regulations. With a student visa, you can enter into the country 90 days before the actual day your course begins.

Another killer quality of Australia Student Visa would be its short processing duration. The entire application gets processed in less than 4 weeks. This is considerably quicker than many other visa processing times.

What is Quebec Immigration Program?



In the case of the Quebec Immigration Program, there are a number of factors to be considered. These selection factors have been detailed below.

The Selection Factors

For each of these factors, points are awarded. You need a sufficient number of points to be selected for Quebec Immigration. You can check the Grille synthèse des facteurs et critères applicable a la selection des travailleurs qualifiés (summary grid of factors and criteria used to select skilled workers). It features the selection factors, various criteria, their weightage and the passing scores as applicable to the skilled workers, as per law.

These selection factors in this grid include your professional profile as well as of your spouse. This is required in order to assess how easily you would be able to adapt to the requirements of the Quebec labor market when you Migrate to Quebec.

Next will be the Employ-ability factors that will include your level of education, area of training and so on. Next will be your work experience and your age. Also, your knowledge of French and English is also considered. Other factors in Quebec immigration program include your earlier stays in Quebec as well as your family relationship with some other Canadian citizen or any Permanent Quebec Resident. You need to have a valid employment offer which meets certain conditions from a Quebec employer.

There would be other factors taken into account such as the number of children accompanying you, and who are under the age of 19. You need to declare your capacity of being financially self-sufficient when you apply for Quebec immigration. This is done by signing a contract where you commit to providing for you and your family’s needs for the first three months after you arrive in Quebec.

In case you are a self-employed worker, you can apply for the Self-employed Worker Program for business people to help you migrate to Quebec.

In case you are already Staying in Quebec for Work or Study, then you can apply to the Quebec experience program. This will allow you to migrate to Quebec on a permanent basis.

As you can see, there are a number of programs that will facilitate your Quebec Immigration. Just make a note of the requirements of these various programs in order to know what suits you and your profile the best and enhances your chances of migrating.

OPULENTUS – Australia – Review

Hello, friends, this is Raghu. Today, I am here to share my itinerary and experiences with Opulentus in my overseas immigration. Right mu childhood, i had a dream of pursuing my higher education in top-ranked universities of overseas and to settle in my dream land. Recently, one of my relatives immigrated to Canada to undertake his studies and to settle there. He has also suggested me to undertake my studies in the similar fashion. But I don’t have any awareness on immigration, the next day I have called him and have asked for the best visa consultancy that would support me in my immigration. He then suggested me to approach Opulentus consultants for help.

The very next day I have approached them with a lot of concerns, they have listened to them patiently. From the very first day of my application fulfilling the way the trained and qualified team of Opulentus assisted me was very awesome. And I take this an opportunity to thank the whole team of Opulentus for guiding me through the entire process of immigration and making my visa possible for me and for my family members. Though my journey with Opulentus was for about one year, I was happy with their guidance and support.

I would also like to extend my special thanks to the sales team who initiated the process especially Ms. Shruthi  who followed up with me giving the confidence to initiate the process and in getting through it. They have helped to gain fine awareness on the necessary documents required for my visa, how the format should be, the content of the documents with examples and many others. Though I haven’t met the above Individuals personally till date but they  have left a positive impression in my life of Trust & Belief on the Team of Opulentus for their good work

Canada to receive applications under AINP program from January 27

canada pr from indiaCanada’s scenic province Alberta will begin accepting the applications under the prestigious AINP program from 27, January 2016. Alberta Migrant Nomination Program is a provincial program and attracts skilled professionals from different parts of the world. This program is not related to federal express entry scheme.

AINP nominates professionals under three categories: 

The AINP Employer- Scheme: 

This stream attracts skilled professionals with job offers from the Canadian employer. The skill set of the professionals must match with the Skilled Occupation List of Canada.

The AINP Strategic Recruitment Scheme: 

This stream picks the new comers whose trade is recognized by the Alberta Apprenticeship and industrial training. Strategic scheme gives priority to the skilled workers who have been trained in Alberta. 

The AINP Self-Employed Farmer Stream 

This self-employed stream attracts experienced entrepreneur who can invest CDN $ 500,000 in agriculture sector. The prospective applicants must submit a business plan to the Alberta.

Alberta is the most beautiful place to settle with wide range of opportunities. The provincial program offers good facilities for skilled professionals with modern way of life.

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Easy Ways To Improve Your Chances Of Gaining Pr In Australia After MBA

Settle-in-Australia-Permanently-After-Completion-of-StudyAustralia is one of the most sought after immigration destinations for those willing to reside in overseas. Most overseas nationals choose Australia for sightseeing, business, employment, education and so on. If you are one among-st those who have undertaken your higher education in Australia and aspiring to settle there, then go through below guidelines to fulfill your dreams at a faster pace.

Australia Permanent Residency:

 In this modern era, many international students are planning to lead a better quality of life that would help them to come up in flying colors. And this can be achieved only by settling in the developed nations like Oz. As per the new statistics of the nation, it was found that many foreign students are Migrating to Australia to stay back and to apply for permanent residency of the country.

However, after the successful completion of their MBA, students have very few options to settle in their dream land. Here we are listing out few of the major options that would be helpful to you.

Out of many, one of the major visa options that would be helpful for MBA Students to Attain Work Experience is Subclass 485 Visa. This special visa class is also called as the skilled graduate visa.

It is Again Broadly Classified into Two Subcategories They are: 

  •   Graduate work stream
  •   Post-study work stream

Graduate work stream is mainly applicable for those who graduate with a qualification related to the skill level present in the SOL list of the nation

And for MBAs, the only option is post-study work stream. Overseas students whoever have completed their two years study in Australia are eligible to file application for this visa class

If you don’t wish to make use of 485 visas, you can also make use of 457 visas or the state sponsorship. A 457 visa is generally valid for duration of four years and can be renewed if required. An added advantage for those making use of this visa class is that he or she can Apply for Permanent Employer Visa Through ENS to Australia . Besides this, there is another alternative called Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme that requires a regional employer sponsorship.

Apart from the above listed there is another option, where an individual is requested to attain state sponsorship and to apply for permanent residency of Australia in the relevant skill level.