Opulentus help desk to look into client concerns

Started with an aim to curtain the apprehensions, which are created by the vested interests in order to push our clients into utter confusion and despair, Opulentus help desk is another giant leap taken by Opulentus Immigration Services Pvt Ltd to reassure all of its registered clients that ‘we are here to hear you!’

Based on its independent, Opulentus help desk is an independent body that actually acts as a guardian of Opulentus clients. Any registered client of Opulentus can approach Opulentus complaints desk and register any complaint related to processing.

Opulentus help desk would accept all such complaints if they are supported through substantial evidences. Once a complaint has been lodged, Opulentus help desk would get in touch with the Opulentus immigration executives who are on the job of processing the visa applications on a day-to-day basis.

The immigration executives would revert to Opulentus help desk with the reason behind the concern or complaint. Accordingly, Opulentus help desk officials would get in touch with the client and hold necessary consultations to arrive at a solution much to the satisfaction of the client.

In the history of immigration and visa consultancy, there has been no visa agent that has started a department to put a check on its own functioning. It’s all for these important and constant steps that we take for clients’ satisfaction, we emerged as global immigration leaders.

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