Opulentus antifraud policy

Committed to making every effort in fulfilling your overseas dreams, Opulentus immigration services is the right choice if overseas career is in your carts. Started a decade back, Opulentus is a name that has become almost synonymous to visa support.

Over the past few years- it has come to our notice that- miscreants are cheating innocent prospective Opulentus clients by presenting themselves as vendors of Opulentus careers.

To see to it that such dull moments don’t let people and also us down, Opulentus has designed an exclusive chapter on antifraud policy. Also, a dedicated cell was created to protect and govern this Opulentus antifraud policy.

Read on to find more about Opulentus antifraud policy

Curb cheating: Opulentus antifraud has laid down detailed information as to how to avoid cheating. On all its official communication, Opulentus tells us that it doesn’t entertain middlemen to process the applications. Therefore, clients must be aware that they must not approach any vendors to process their visa applications through Opulentus.

Receipts:  There were some allegations that they paid to Opulentus but to no avail. Before leveling up such baseless allegations, complainants should check whether they have really paid to Opulentus. As we always give receipts for the received payment, clients should immediately check for receipts and should report to antifraud when they were not given such receipts by any of employees.

No false promises at Opulentus: Opulentus promises to process your applications. It, however, doesn’t assure or guarantee you a visa. By any means, you come across any employee or individual who promises a visa on your behalf, you are advised not to proceed through channels. Further, we encourage you to report such false promises to Opulentus antifraud policy immediately.

You are free to enquire more about antifraud policy of Opulentus by writing to us or by visiting any of our nearest branches.

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