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Best degrees for international students to get a high-paying job in Canada

Study in Canada

Studying in Canada is the ideal path to become a permanent resident in Canada. After completing the graduation in a college or university of Canada, they have a big range of options to stay in the country. Furthermore, when a person desires to stay in Canada permanently, getting a high paying job is the first priority.

As a result, we are producing some details to find the degrees which can help to find a good job in Canada.



The Royal Bank of Canada which is a trusted bank of Canada has released a list recently. Firstly, it contains the ten most valuable degrees having a good demand in Canada. We have identified the trends and arranged the best options in Canadian studies.


The Engineering sector has as many as 40% top earning degrees. Studying engineering is a fine option for ensuring a good salary after completing graduation. Furthermore, Engineering is based on the background of mathematics and science. More knowledge of a specific type helps in engineering. The list of RBC includes these types of courses in engineering:

Civil Engineering (Salary in 2017: $80,080 CAD), Special Engineering (Salary in 2017: $85,009 CAD), Software Engineering (Salary in 2017: $90,001 CAD), and Petroleum and Chemical Engineering (Salary in 2017: $104,000 CAD) present a good choice here.

The engineering degrees need a mandatory internship or co-operative work while pursuing studies. The courses in the list are ideal to study. The international students will have work experience in Canada and this will be a huge advantage at the time of moving into the job market.


Presently, the population of Canada is aging at a rapid pace. As a result, the healthcare system is expanding constantly to meet the demands. In this scenario there is an urgent need of more healthcare professionals. They can take up the professions like nurses and pharmacists. Furthermore the students must have a passion for science and also possess high degree of compassion for humanity. Through this they can get a secure job after completing graduation in Canada.

Salary of Nurses in 2017: $84,510 CAD

Salary of Pharmacists in 2017: $102,398 CAD

These fields are regulated in Canada, and hence the persons who wish to become professionals must follow the licensing process. Consequently, when you get the license, finding a job is simple and easy.


The business and finance programs also have a presence in the list. All successful businessmen need a team of professional business administrators to keep their activities smooth.  Moreover, the candidates who have a passion for administration, business, and management must pursue these degrees. They have a great chance of employment after completing graduation:

Business Administration Salary in 2017: $85,508 CAD, Finance Salary in 2017: $103,376 CAD, Business and Management Science Salary in 2017: $110,000-115,000 CAD, are good in this field.

The candidates, who complete a degree and possess some business experience, are eligible to take up a Master’s in Business Administration in the country. This degree is of great help to take a leadership role in employment.

There are many programs in Canada, which offer a good scope to the international students.

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