57 Percent People of the world Support Immigration

57percent-people-of-world-population-support-immigrationAccording to the global survey on Immigration, People have opined differently, totally 57 percent have supported immigration and 32 percent of the people have considered it as unfavorable. Around 69 countries of the world have participated in the opinion polls, out of them 42 countries have opposed the immigration and only 27 have Supported the Immigration.

 African countries have been favorable to immigration when the people from the rich countries have been questioned, out of 17, only nine favored immigration and eight countries have opposed the immigration. In these countries, people draw an annual salary of over $35 000, and people are leading a happy life and more qualified than the local citizens of the country.

 Though there is a split opinion on Immigration, world countries cannot go without immigration. Immigration has become an economic imperative, and people love to immigrate for good economic prospects and future.

 Twenty-one countries of the European Union have been opposing the Immigration. Despite the opposition from the local citizens, there is massive immigration from the European countries and large-scale immigration is being welcomed annually by the countries.

 Many countries have made up to welcome immigrants to fill the gap in its industries. Skill shortages are the drawback of many industries. To mitigate the issue related to skills, countries welcome immigration. Economic migration to the countries has been the growing trend. Several countries invite immigration for economic progress, and the most of the world’s immigrant population reside only in the developed countries.

 There are several classes of migration that help countries grow, but illegal immigration becomes an economic burden to the country. People are against the immigrants who take away their job welcome the immigrant class who well integrate with their local culture.

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