India –US bilateral trade have to reach USD 500 billion

The cordial effort of India and America should increase for the improvisation of new strategies to enhance the volume of bilateral trade up to USSD 500 billion. The business relationship between the two nations is going good in recent times.

The India owned companies in USA 44000 people contributed around USD 2 billion to US export. The two nations always being tried to maintain good relationship in every concern. Which helps them to boost their trade and commerce in world wide .

US embassy said that to reach the bilateral trade to the level of USD 500 billon dollar, both the countries has to work overtime on this deal.  He said 69% H-1B visa and 29% H-1B1 visas are given to the Indians and the facilities will be more accessible in very near future.

The easy accessibility of visa will help the immigrant’s people for the greater carrier opportunities in US. Which have a major impact on labor market as well as the economy of the country  .Last year there are 1 million visa application have been proceed told a authority of immigrant, USA.

As per statistical analysis 100 Indian companies invested USD 15.3 billon on US , with an average of USSD 433 for per state. The commercial strategies allow Indian investors to invest money in various project to gain the profit and improve the trade and commerce between the two nations.

To reach the target of USSD 500 billion, both countries have to mutually work for the concern with proper coordination and contribution. The immigrants and the skilled professionals also have a vital importance to make this project successful. If everything goes perfect then the bilateral trade can easily improvised and reached the target by mutual   coordination and cordial relation.


  1. Yes,also the H-2B Visa category is one of the only U.S. non-immigrant visas which allows U.S. employers to hire foreign workers to work in the United States for temporary work in non-agricultural positions. For this reason, the H-2B visa is in high demand for individuals who may not be eligible to apply for any other U.S. Visa.This is the great opportunity for who are looking temporary seasonal positions.

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    1. Hi Raghu,
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