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I woke up today to the sunrays that crept through the windows and touched my forehead with warmth. On 15th floor in Canada, I got up and peeped down before my attention turned towards the calendar. August 1—it was the same day that God showered his blessings upon me in the form of Opulentus.

A quick rewind of my life two years back would take me to the narrow streets of Mumbai from which I always awaited an escape. One way Mumbai traffic can be thanked as it was during the worst traffic jams at Andheri, I saw Opulentus company with a huge board-it was the visa company that removed Andheri from my life.

I always had this strange wish to settle in overseas, get up to warm sun rays and look at the peaceful road from a sky-scrapper. In fact, I had good job, salary and everything in Mumbai.  Still I wanted to go to some place to console myself.

August 1, 2012, 9.30 am, traffic tested my patience. It was then I parked the car to the left, throwing the butt of the burning cigarette, I got down from the car and headed towards the stairs that lead to doors of Opulentus-Visa Company.

“Dear sir, we welcome you to Opulentus, leading visa consultancy,” on hearing this I turned towards my left and noticed a woman draped in dark blue saree next to me. I said, I want to settle in a foreign country, money isn’t a problem. She smiled and said, sir, we do our best to process the visa. However, you need to share a few details with our immigration officer. Come sir, I will take you there, said the woman.

The immigration officer stood up as I walked in. There were too many telephones on his square-shaped glass table couldn’t hide his polished shoes. Amazing, Opulentus team is so professional, I thought.I told them the way I don’t like Andheri that took away people close to me—my wife and children—in an accident four years ago. I wanted to escape to some place that never haunts me anymore. It was urgent and I was ready to fork out as much as possible.

Opulentus immigration officer understood my pain. He said he could process my visa for Canada. However, I need to search for a job over there once in Canada. The entire process might take at least 22 months, he finished.

I said ok and gave all my documents. I am a highly qualified professional with all required documentation. So, they readily accepted to process my application. Just two months ago I got my visa and came here.

Opulentus helped me a lot in my efforts to seek solace in foreign lands. I am really thankful to Opulentus. Their dedication and commitment to stand by their words is commendable. Try Opulentus if you have immigration on your mind.


  1. Opulentus has changed my entire life by guiding me when I wanted to take the right steps regarding my education and visa. Thank you Opulentus for the assistance.

  2. I got my US student visa successfully because of Opulentus, thus I recommend all my closed ones to consult Opulentus visa consultants for processing their visas fruitfully.

  3. I have never come across a visa consultancy like Opulentus. Opulentus is the leading immigration services that offers visa and immigration services to almost all the nations across the world.

  4. I have suffered a lot with the rejection of my US study visa from past one year. But my dream of moving overseas has come true with skillful support given by Opulentus team in handling my visa process.

  5. When I was interested to immigrate to Canada I approached Opulentus to help me in filing application. As soon as I contacted they have explained me all the details and process. I will be grateful to you for all you have offered to me.

  6. I want to thank Opulentus for being there for me and guiding me all along the way. But for your timely help, I would not have obtained my visa.

  7. I got to know about Opulentus through one of my mutual friends and they told me that you are the best and give what’s suitable for the client according to their comfort. I want US visa, if guy can help me.

  8. It has been a long-cherished dream to visit the historical country of Italy. I would like to visit all the world-famous tourist places in that country. Will Opulentus visa consultancy be able to guide me in the visit visa process?

  9. I have a dream of pursuing my higher education in overseas after the completion of my graduation. Can you suggest me will the top ranked universities and the destination that suits my requirement.

  10. I recently obtained the visa services presented by Opulentus consultants, they where amazing. They have done a great job in my visa application process

  11. I received best assistance from Opulentus immigration counselors. They were so good and assisted me through all the phases. Thank you so much.

  12. With an intension of earning more money by grabbing the best opportunities in overseas nation I have completed my graduation in the stream of electronics. Will your firm support me in that process?

  13. With a dream of grabbing an employment opportunity in Australia I have completed my graduation in the stream of mechanical. Can your firm suggest me some tips to move to my dream destination soon?

  14. I take this as an opportunity to thank my help desk official who has assisted me to confidently navigate through each and every process of visa application.

  15. I am planning to take me near and dear ones along with me to UK on dependent visa. Will the immigration firm of Opulentus help me out with the best option to immigrate?

    1. Skilled workers, intra-company transfers, sportsmen and ministers of religion are the various categories that come under Tier 2.

  16. I got a desire of pursuing my post secondary education in a country that’s top ranked colleges who provide finest instruction in classes that were varied.

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