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Singapore the hub of opportunities for foreign nationals

Singapore economy is the fastest growing economy of the world, immigrant population make up half of its population. People from diverse cultures have settled to work and lead a prosperous life. The world’s fourth financial hub creates opportunities for individuals who are ready to join its workforce.


The liberal immigration system of Singapore, allows students, skilled professionals, doctors, engineers and people from all walks of life to settle in its mainland. Become part of its lifestyle. You are qualifications and work experience may fetch you work permit that allows you to work in Singapore for longer duration.

There are numerous work permits that help you to secure a visa based on different categories. Below list contains the programs which ensure that foreign nationals procure Singapore visa easily.

  • Employment Pass Scheme
  • Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass) Scheme
  • Personalized Employment Pass (PEP) Scheme
  • S Pass Scheme
  • Miscellaneous Work Pass Scheme
  • Dependent Pass Scheme
  • Permanent Residence Scheme for Work Pass Holders

The above programs help individuals to settle in Singapore.  Entrepreneurs, skilled professionals and other categories can easily obtain the visa. If all the requirements are met you can easily receive the work permit of Singapore. Immigrants are part and parcel of Singapore, they carry different language, contribute with valuable skills. They are well integrated with the Singapore society for many generations.

Prospective candidates looking to apply for the Singapore Immigration must understand the procedures perfectly and seek help of expert immigrant consultants.

Opportunities for Non-software experts in Australia

Software industry has created insecurity among other sectors, as people consider it as the industry with constant progress. In fact, it is true, but not completely, Agriculture is one of the largest sectors in the world that employs more number of people. People could field strange with the answer, but it is true.

job-oppurtunity-for-non-its-in-australia-1Australia’s software industry is also robust, and people of other sectors can also gain through the opportunity. So, immigration demands skilled workers from all the categories. Doctors, construction engineers, miners, skilled to semi-skilled opportunities are numerous.

You can go through the big list of Skilled Occupation List (SOL), which contains all the occupations required by the Australian industries.

Every year the list changes based on the requirements, new occupations could be included and excluded if required. So, candidates willing to apply for Australia permanent residence, can select their occupation choice apply for the same. The point-based immigration system of Australia is popular and transparent. No information is hidden over there to misguide you.

If you have employment opportunity before applying for the Australian permanent residence, then the procedure becomes simpler to you. Immigration demands money before you invest seeks the guidance and opportunities in your expertise.

Australia Immigration is highly acclaimed for faster processing of the application through online procedure. There are numerous opportunities for the non-IT sector. Immigration experts with vast experience can guide you on immigration trends and opportunities in your sector.

To reside in Australia, English is basic for communication, whatever the field of expertise you possess, it doesn’t matter, get ready with the English scores of IELTS and other tests to apply for Australia Immigration.

Australia proceeding to new china visa rules to increase tourism

Immigration newsPrime minister of Malcolm Turnbull said that Australia proceeding to new visa rules for students and visitors from china to improve the country education and tourism economy among the country. As a result the economy of the country has increased with the record number of china visitors i.e., 1 million. China and New Zealand is the fast growing batch with total spending in last year is of 7.7 billion.

At the start of china trip Turnbull said that china is most precious tourism market in Australia and A$ 8.3 billion has contributed by them. he also said mentioned that Australia will make the visa applications easier for china tourists to visit and also tried with 10 years validity visas for the first time. Turnbull mentioned that eight student visa sections are now reduced to two, which resembles the commitment of our country to boost Australia economic story, and which also makes paths to become close.

By this opportunities in academic, economic, social and commercial at entry level will increase further and Australians and Chinese become more closure which is a positive sign. Our country is launching a modernize global tourism campaign with A$40 million to help in filling the hole left by downturn of commodities , targeting to grow up in china market with a traditional large packages.

This created modernize independent and young traveler from china to our country and our economy going to be increased to double by 2024-25. Australia has an unsatisfactory growth in economy before but now china driven Australia such a way that economy has grown drastically which is one third of foreign tourists.