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57 Percent People of the world Support Immigration

57percent-people-of-world-population-support-immigrationAccording to the global survey on Immigration, People have opined differently, totally 57 percent have supported immigration and 32 percent of the people have considered it as unfavorable. Around 69 countries of the world have participated in the opinion polls, out of them 42 countries have opposed the immigration and only 27 have Supported the Immigration.

 African countries have been favorable to immigration when the people from the rich countries have been questioned, out of 17, only nine favored immigration and eight countries have opposed the immigration. In these countries, people draw an annual salary of over $35 000, and people are leading a happy life and more qualified than the local citizens of the country.

 Though there is a split opinion on Immigration, world countries cannot go without immigration. Immigration has become an economic imperative, and people love to immigrate for good economic prospects and future.

 Twenty-one countries of the European Union have been opposing the Immigration. Despite the opposition from the local citizens, there is massive immigration from the European countries and large-scale immigration is being welcomed annually by the countries.

 Many countries have made up to welcome immigrants to fill the gap in its industries. Skill shortages are the drawback of many industries. To mitigate the issue related to skills, countries welcome immigration. Economic migration to the countries has been the growing trend. Several countries invite immigration for economic progress, and the most of the world’s immigrant population reside only in the developed countries.

 There are several classes of migration that help countries grow, but illegal immigration becomes an economic burden to the country. People are against the immigrants who take away their job welcome the immigrant class who well integrate with their local culture.

Opulentus Complaints Desk Swings Into Action To Solve Clients’ Issues

Opulentus immigration consultancy firm has recently launched its Opulentus complaints desk. This was set up with an aim to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

Opulentus complaints desk functions at its head office. It welcomes its registered clients (not prospective clients) to write to its desk at [email protected]. Alternatively, clients can also call up the numbers given at the time of registration. Also, they can directly walk in and register their complaints.

Once Opulentus complaints desk receives the concern or complaint from the department, the same would be directed to the concerned immigration specialists to work towards resolution.

Typically the concerns, that hit Opulentus complaints desk include, rejection or delayed visa. As even clients know that grant of visa is at the sole discretion of high commission, clients usually approach with panic to know if there’s any alternative.

As we believe in TAAA (There are always alternatives) that change TANA (There are no alternatives) approach of client, we suggest various possible means to get the visa, which essentially includes visa appeal.

During this entire process, a team of highly expertise psychologists and psychotherapists would counsel our clients in a very confidential environment to reassure that things are okay.

Ever since Opulentus launched this complaints desk, dozens of clients who approached us with minor grievances got the much needed solution. This is one move that that would help even Opulentus to retain its client base.

Opulentus complaints desk works towards 100% client satisfaction

Opulentus immigration company has recently started Opulentus complaints desk in order to clear the minor doubts of clients besides working towards 100% client satisfaction.

All Opulentus registered clients would have access to Opulentus complaints desk. It operates from head office and our clients can directly walk in to our office.

Alternatively, we even provide the contact numbers of Opulentus complaints desk and email id so that clients who can’t come to office in person can reach us.

Typically comprising of

  • immigration experts
  • counselors and
  • legal officers

Opulentus complaints desk looks into the issues of the clients in a three-tier process, if required. On receiving a concern, the immigration experts would get in touch with the clients and jot down all the points of client. Later on, their next communication would be scheduled with counselors.

Opulentus complaints desk’s expert counselors would give the much needed warmth to the clients to reassure that things are ok. Meanwhile, the immigration experts would track the status or ascertain the reasons for such inconvenience caused to the client. Accordingly, counselors would suggest as to what’s the right step that clients need to take. If any legalities involved, the case would be forwarded to the legal section of Opulentus complaints desk.

Opulentus help desk accomplishment

Opulentus is the one among the leading immigration consultancies that provides excellent visa and immigration services globally. A number of people have a dream of overseas immigration and to satisfy the overseas career dream Opulentus came into existence in the year 2001. Since, its inception it has been assisting a large number of people in their immigration process. Today, more than thousands of individuals have migrated to their dream destination with the assistance of Opulentus. Despite, rendering excellent immigration services, still some of the people have some immigration issues and doubts. Thus, to resolve those queries and to clarify immigration issues a special team has been formed named as Opulentus customer support team. The members of this team are skilled and knowledgeable.

Opulentus help desk assist clients by resolving their genuine immigration issues

Opulentus help desk team also initiated a policy referred as fraud protection policy to keep the clients data securely and to track the unauthorized people who posts fake complaints and comments about the Opulentus in order to ruin the firms’ reputations. Individuals who approach Opulentus help desk gains a complete satisfaction and recommend their friends and relatives to consult Opulentus customer support team for sorting out immigration issues and claims. We are glad to say that maximum a number of clients who approach Opulentus are through referrals. Our genuine Opulentus feedback and reviews are the proofs of our excellent services to clients. The team of Opulentus complaints department makes several efforts to clarify clients’ issues timely with the best possible solutions.  The minute Opulentus customer support receives complaint on the given email id, the same will be sorted out by immigration experts promptly.

Opulentus complaints desk resolves grievance in the first step itself

Opulentus complaints desk was established a couple of years after Opulentus Immigration Services Pvt Ltd came into existence. As visa processing is not always a win-win game to both the consultancy and client, it is always good to make people aware that visa grant is at the sole discretion of the immigration authority. Even after Opulentus mentioning the same time and again, it is unfortunate to notice that some of the clients are approaching some other forums and posting messages that are at times derogatory to Opulentus and its successful clients.

 To put a check to such unwarranted complaints, Opulentus complaints desk took its shape. Functioning with a team comprising of experts from immigration, legal and psychology domains, Opulentus complaints desk will put your complaint under respective category for further examination.

 Our immigration experts will plunge into the duty and follow up with you to find out if you are okay to go ahead with a visa appeal in case your visa is rejected even if there’s complete documentation. Otherwise, our experts will let you know where the problem actually took place and how the same can be resolved, if it has to be reapplying to the same country or some other country.

 Our counselors too would talk to you on phone to help you take a decision on your own and not based on our advices. If we ascertain from the immigration authorities that your visa is rejected for not having a clean record or hold a criminal record, and you still take on us with ill-intentions using words that are derogatory to our company, our legal experts would handle the case sensibly.

In many cases, Opulentus complaints desk resolves the grievance in the first step itself.

Switzerland sets forth new article of Federal Constitution on immigration

Switzerland‘s Federal Council officially agreed to the plan for executing the new article of the Federal Constitution associated to immigration.

The plan summarizes how the Federal Council will place the limits and quotas for managing immigration to Switzerland beginning February 2017. Quotas will be applicable for permits valid for four months or even greater.

Federal Constitution’s new article will not be limited to review of immigration regulations but also recognizes other challenges pertaining to domestic and foreign policy.

Federal council considers various factors pertaining to job market and economy when it sets the measuring limits and quotas. The task to implement the new constitutional article will be shared by cantons and Confederation. Besides, the decision of Federal council will depend on the numbers that the cantons state.

Residence permits as well as short stay permits that are valid for a period of four to 12 months will be imposed with quotas. Precedence given to the people already living in Switzerland will be considered while issuing any kind of work permit liable to a quota. Cross border travelers will also be liable to a quota.

Members of EU and EFTA will be subject to fewer restrictions when compared to persons of third countries. Even, if they lack certain special qualifications they will be allowed.

The Federal Department of Justice and Police (FDJP) will prepare the draft act for discussion depending on major aspects of the concept, which is expected to be ready by end of 2014. FDJP will work closely with Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research (EAER) and Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) in accomplishing this task.

Malaysian new immigration service accelerates expat work permits

Malaysia has announced the launch of Malaysian Immigration’s Expatriates Services Division as a part of the country’s drive to attract talented foreign professionals in competition with other major countries.

New expat service announced by Datuk Seri Najib Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia, has gained the appreciation from employers since it reduces the wait times for expat work permits from 30 days to simply five days. The division will act as one-stop center to provide all kind of immigration needs including all major work permits.

Key businesses and investors will experience major enhancements in the approval process of work permit. Besides, expat professionals who enter the country can start their work without waiting for one month.

The New center will deal with various services ranging from resident passes, professional visit passes, employment passes to visitor passes and dependent passes. Thus, will save time and will speed up the progress of expat workers to arrive and settle in Malyasia. The service will be introduced in some of Malaysian states starting with Johor and Penang and will be extended to include other organizations like Multimedia Development Corporation and the Development Authority.

US embassy celebrates student visa day in New Delhi

The US embassy organized “student visa day” on 19 June 2014 in New Delhi and roughly 800 applicants willing to pursue their higher education in the US were interviewed.

On this occasion, the embassy staff has provided the students with tips and information regarding the campus life and academics in their country.

Cynthia Haley, Consul General, said that United States has world’s renowned educational institutions and a huge number of visa applications are filed. The student aspirants present at the event expressed that US offers flexible higher education system which is attractive.

There has been huge rise in number of visa applications filed for US  visas since October 2013  and visa issuances has increased by 40% in comparison with the same duration in 2013. Roughly 100,000 students from India are pursuing their studies in the US at present.

Michael Pelletier, Embassy Charge d’ Affaires, said as the Indian students prepare to pursue higher studies in the US, they are not only contributing to their personal future bust also to links between the two nations.

China eyes at skilled immigrants

Chinese immigration officials have expressed the need for inviting more skilled immigrants to China.  To achieve the same, the officials said, the immigration policy would be revamped.

Briefing the media more on this, a senior immigration official (under the condition of anonymity) has said, the new immigration policy would append a skill list to the existing policy.

The point-based skill list would enable the immigration specialists to cut down on the unskilled labour who applies for Chinese visas.

Further, such new policy would aim at long term and short term development of all professions. When asked about his views on encouraging skilled labour to China, director of the Centre for China and Globalization, Wang Huigo stressed on the need to remove all obstacles that prevent skilled individuals arrive in China for employment.

He has also observed that a large number of skilled Chinese nationals were migrating to foreign countries. In order to witness a rapid development, equal employment opportunities should be provided to the talented apart from encouraging talented foreign nationals to work in China, he reportedly said.

It has to be mentioned here that as less as 8,49,000 foreign national are residing in China, a number that’s very less compared to other countries.

Although a permanent resident policy was introduced in China back in 2003, it’s apparently disappointing for Chinese think tanks that only 5000 green cards were issued to foreigners.

Meanwhile, immigration experts in Canada and US were of the opinion that the government in China should educate their people on the need to welcome talent immigrants.