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Canada Overcomes Techonology Sector Shortage with Global Talent Stream

Job Opportunities for Skilled Professionals in Canada

The progress of Canadian technology firms depends on attracting, hiring as well as retaining right talents.  Many Canadian technology companies faced the problem for years in attracting suitable candidates and fill vacancies required for expansion and growth. Presently, Canada needs engineering graduates, experienced professionals and senior-level managers with an experience in reputed tech firms, who have helped in the growth of business at the international level. Overall, there are more vacancies than the available candidates in this sector. The U.S. is the destination of many right candidates as it has a thriving technology sector. Simultaneously many foreign companies prefer Canada, and there are several jobs but good candidates are missing. For attracting the suitable talent, the country has to adopt new measures and look beyond the present technology ecosystem. For This reason the Global Talent Stream was introduced in 2017 initially for two years. It had the aim of boosting the talent pool of skilled persons in Canada.

Important Features of The Global Talent Stream

It only takes Two-weeks for the processing of Canada work permit applications as well as Canada visa applications for highly skilled talent. There is an exclusive service for companies which can create significant number of jobs in Canada. Companies which apply for workers using the GTS can access the new streamlined process of application which provides: A service with a focus on the Client to help eligible employers in the application process and in the development of the Labor Market Benefits Plan, in ten business days, The workers are Eligible for processing of their work-permit applications in ten business days, Before introducing this program, the waiting for overseas skilled workers visa took a year’s time. Now, this visa process is completed in 14-days only. The Global Talent Stream since its launch has received applications exceeding 800 for more than 900 vacancies. 300 employers have used the program and 70 among them have applied for more visas. GTS helps employers to add experienced and talented employees and leads to the progress of a company.

Global Talent Stream Work Permit Exemption: Requirements

In case of applying at a visa or at the Port of Entry, candidates need to provide documents showing that the short-term exemption is applicable. The documents are:
  • Formal job offer
  • Letter from employer which describes NOC code, duties, and tenure of employment
Researchers need these documents:
  • Letter from qualifying institution which describes duties, NOC code and time of research
  • Proof of qualifications which shows educational excellence
  • Description of ways in which the candidate will add value to the research project
The aim of the stream is to help technology firms to attract and assimilate the right talents and support future growth. It creates a large pool of modern jobs for all the parties. Before creating the Stream, the federal government had a discussion with technology CEOs of several Canadian firms. The intention was to know the ways to make the program efficient and tackle the issue of talent shortages. Furthermore the next step will be to work with the heads of tech companies, members of the industry and innovators to give the pilot program a permanent place in enlisting talents. Other details There is a report by the Information and Communications Technology Council which shows that by 2020 Canada will face a severe shortage of tech workers. The reason is inadequate supply in matching the growing demand. This program will serve this need in a big way. Also there is a need for the federal government to include cooperation with innovators in developing a national talent-retention strategy. Besides, promoting of STEM education in all publicly funded academic institutions is also the need of the day.

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