Start-up visa for Canada

Start-up visa for Canada is a great boost for its economy

Canada is one of the richest nations in the world. The immigration authority of the country has introduced various immigration policies to improvise its business strategies for the growth of the economy.  Canadian start of visa is proposals that allow the skilled and innovative entrepreneur of foreign nations to entering into Canada and set up their business. This approach is a great boost to improve the economy of the nation.

The startup visa permits the business persons and entrepreneurs of foreign countries to invest their funds in the Canadian market. This immigration policy makes the system faster and flexible. The start-up visa program devoted to the country’s particular needs.

The initiative provides the permanent residency to the startup visa holders of foreign individuals for stabilizing the market conditions and increasing the productivity. The various helpful association of the country with the overseas business persons make it as a global leader of the business. In current scenario, Canada is treated as an ideal business and investment destination for the overseas investors and businessmen.

There are some eligibility criteria for getting the startup visa. Such as

  • The applicant should have a support of a designated organization of Canada. The designated organization should agree to support the applicant then can the application of the applicant can be granted. The organization will provide the LOS or letter of support to the applicant. The applicant should submit the LOS along with the application form as evidence.
  • The applicant has to prove that his business meets all the ownership criteria. There are five people can apply for the same business but the applicant must have to hold at least 10 points for getting this status.
  • The applicant should have the sufficient funds to start his business in Canada because Canadian government will not provide any financial help to the candidate.
  • The language proficiency of the candidate is one of the important concerns for this point of view.

This is how the start-up visa can be a helpful boost to enhance the economy of Canada.

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