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Canada one of the top destination for immigrants who wish to live and work in Canada permanently and as per the recent survey conducted by American website U.S. News Canada top 2nd for the best country for immigrants to live.

Canadian Immigration authority had made changes in some popular permanent residency program in 2015 to invite more aspirants and introduced new system called as express entry system under which they have included Canada federal worker program, Canada experience class, and Canada skill trade

Below are some popular visa categories for Canada:

what Canada offers for Skilled workers, businessmen, and foreign students

One of the major reasons for Immigration to Canada is the major benefits which foreigners get after getting the Visa Grant.

Canada is divided into three major categories, i.e., Skilled workers, Investor and Business and international students

Skilled Workers or Qualified Professional benefits: Canada will give some benefits to foreign worker across the provinces, given the shortage of skill in the Canada. There are some jobs or occupations which are demand in the Canada, the sector which comprises of IT,  Engineering, Health Care, Service sector, Constructions work. The federal government have done some classifications of occupations in the Canada as per the skills NOC is categorised skill level as Skill 0, A, B and accordingly it invites the candidate through FSW express entry program and other Provincial programs

Opulentus – New Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program 2014 For Engineers from Opulentus on Vimeo.


Canadian immigration services from Opulentus

Canada is recognised as the most sought destination for immigrants who wish to migrate overseas. Most immigrants prefer Canada because it offers high standards of living and quality life to its residents. The Canadian government also announces numerous programs to draw immigrants to the country. Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW), Canada Provincial Nomination, Canada Experience Class, Canada Quebec Skilled Worker Visa are some of the popular immigration programs. Amongst these programs, FSW program has gained popularity among immigrants as it offers incredible benefits to skilled workers. In addition to this, the government also offers permanent residency for immigrants who wish to reside permanently in the country upon satisfying the requirements.

But, Canada immigration is a lengthy and time-consuming process where an individual finds the necessity to seek assistance from a genuine visa consultancy. Here comes the role of Opulentus which makes your Canada immigration process simple and hassle free. Opulentus provides immigration services for a wide variety of Canadian visas which include Visitor visa, Entrepreneur visa, Quebec Skilled Worker Visa, Business Visa, Open work Permit visa, Start-Up Visa, Dependent Visa, Business Visit Visa, Parent & Grandparent Super Visa and Work Permit Visas, etc. So, if you are planning to migrate to Canada, then you can take assistance from Opulentus.

About Opulentus

Opulentus is the world’s finest immigration service provider which has been efficiently catering to the immigration needs of aspirants from 10 years. The visa company is marked for its superior and reliable immigration services. Our top-notch visa consultants stand behind Opulentus and work hard to sustain its presence in immigration industry.

We cater to the immigration needs of each personnel and delivers exceptional service to our clients. A lot of things are involved in the immigration process, and one needs to comply with all rules, regulations and procedures to avoid being rejected. Despite such challenging criteria, Opulentus had succeeded in processing thousands of applications concerned with different nations including Canada, Australia, USA, UK, Austria, Denmark, South Africa, Hong Kong and many others.


  1. Thanks my case officer for taking care of the entire visa processing and also for guiding me throughout the visa process. Your information given regarding my visa processing also helped me a lot.

  2. I have never come across a visa consultancy as such Opulentus in processing the visas. I have become a big fan of them. Consult the experts of Opulentus today to resolve your queries in no time.

  3. What are the requirements to apply for Canada express entry? Please come up with some information. thanks in advance

  4. Someone please kindly guide me about the immigration procedures for family reunification visa to Canada. Will you be the one to help me?

  5. I have recently availed the migration services of Opulentus in student visa processing of Canada. I recently found them as helpful when I was needful.

  6. One of my friends recently visited Canada for higher studies. I am also planning to relocate to the same destination within the short duration. Please help me with the best visa category to fulfill my dreams?

  7. The immigration consultants of Opulentus are always eager to assist and in direct individuals by explaining the things clearly. Their way of dealing with the clients was awesome. I am planning to visit Canada. Will your team assist me?

    1. According to me, Canada is the best place to move for skilled workers because the country is offering enormous opportunities for skilled professionals.

    1. Following are the two requirements for migration to Quebec as a selected skilled worker:

      •You must apply for the Quebec government for a certificate of selection which shows that you are accepted as an immigrant to Quebec
      •After this, you must apply for Canadian citizenship to the CIC

    1. Hi Praveen, below immigration programs will come under Express Entry system

      • Federal Skilled Worker Program
      • Federal Skilled Trades Program
      • Canadian Experience Class and
      • A portion of Provincial Nomination Programs

    1. Under Canada express entry system, a total of 1200 points will be allotted under various scoring factors such as core human capital, skills and experience and spouse characteristics factors.

    1. 55 points is the pass mark for single applicants while it is 63 points for married applicants who wish to settle in Quebec province of Canada through selected skilled worker program.

  8. Next month I am planning to immigrate to Canada under Work Permit. Can anyone please let me know how work permit is different from a Canada Immigration Visa?

    1. A work permit lets an overseas individual to reside and work in Canada for a certain duration of time but a Canada immigration visa allows to stay anywhere in the country bu enjoying few privileges.

  9. So…the two most important things I look for in service provider are, they should know what the customer need is exactly and should know how to do it well. Opulentus is all about providing ideal services and how they deal with the customer. I am writing this review after 5 months from the date I had availed services from Opulentus, because I felt their customer centricity is tremendous!

  10. I read the news that in China ,Canda is planning to increase five more Immigration offices .Is their any chances, for Canada to increase Immigration offices in India as well,if so that would be really helpful for Indian skilled people to improve their careers.

  11. Thank You So much for your support till Date. Appreciate for all guidance and
    support till date.
    I am feeling happy to inform you all that i got my CANADA VISA today.

  12. Firstly I would like to mention about Manoj who had been working on my case , he has been outstanding in his support,He had been very helpful and very prompt,His suggestions were very helpful.Sometimes he has suggested approach based on my personal situation which was quite helpful.

    Opulentus internal processes like direct call connection to case officer , review process of documents has been very impressive.Although it was time consuming it was worth the process,I have been recommending Opulentus to my friends and Relatives who were trying migration.Some friends backed out due to cost but its still worth due to the quality involved. One point I missed was the constant follow-up which I liked as it was helpful reminder.

  13. Living in Australia is my dream. But I never thought that it was easy to me. After a search in Google, i found some immigration consultants. I attended to their offices and started my process for Australia. I think I’m not much satisfied with their price. When it comes to Opulentus Immigration Consultants, I was euphoric Kindly two years of time for getting my visa granted. My case officer was boosted me a lot when I’m in a doubt of getting my visa to Australia. Anytime when I make a call, he never irritated me and gave an answer in confident. I appreciate to my case officer and Opulentus for making my dream true.

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