H-1B Visa Holders ready to seek an Intra-Company Transfer to Canada


Do you have a plan to work in Canada?
Canada is in a constant need to seek skilled overseas workers owing to its powerful job market. Highly educated, skilled and trained immigrants arrive in Canada and also become permanent residents in less than six months by using the Express Entry system.
About Canada
Canada has a sizable trade with the USA and accordingly, there is great economic activity between the two nations. There are subsidiaries, branches, parent companies, and company affiliates which operate in the US. Furthermore, these businesses can transfer overseas workers to Canada by using the intra-company transfer. They need not have to offer a job to citizens and permanent residents of Canada.
The eligibility norms for an Intra-Company Transfer to Canada are:
The candidate must have one year of full-time work experience in an overseas enterprise
Moreover, having a specialized knowledge or a senior managerial position helps,
The interested person must reach Canada to do comparable work for the affiliate in Canada. The position must be in an executive, senior manager level or specialized knowledge category.
Norms for qualifying
Many present US H-1B visa holders can qualify for an Intra-Company Transfer. This will lead to become a Canadian PR. Firstly in Canada there is an active recruitment in high technology fields, for educated and trained immigrants. Recent Presidential changes to US immigration policy have created a favorable position for Canada. Accordingly, it has become an attractive option for immigrants.
Global Talent Stream
Canada has the Global Talent Stream to actively recruit skilled and educated immigrants for building its economy. This is a fast-track visa for skilled immigrants. Moreover, it has approved a permanent Start-Up Visa Program exclusively for Entrepreneurs. It provides private and public funding programs for supporting innovation and growth. Holders of H-1B visa who wish to immigrate to Canada can avail a good chance to pass through. They can move to Canada easily. The country has many personal and professional opportunities.
There are many consultants who offer strategic advice based on their expertise. Owing to the constantly changing laws and regulations their help is greatly useful in immigration.

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