Australia Immigration

Australia is one of the top immigration destination in the world.It offers the plethora of opportunities for the new immigrants in the country, especially on Skilled Migration visas, study visa, business visa, etc.
With the ongoing talent shortage across various industries of Australia has given opportunities to young and bright individuals to dwell, work or get settled.
Australian Immigration Key Benefits:
Below unemployment rate and skill deficit in Australia provides the opportunity to explore and huge job benefits.
Skilled Independent Visa and other sponsored/nominated Visa categories Social Security benefits
Membership with several international trades and financial organization to set-up or invest in a business
Australia is a dream destination for people across the world, high living standards, top class cities, high quality of life, vigorous lifestyle, beautiful beaches, sports, recreation ideal settings and faster visa processing
Various Australian Visa Categories
Skilled Independent Visa
Business Innovation and Investment Visa
Higher Education Sector Visa
Temporary Skilled Work Visa
Eligibility criteria for Australian Immigration
Candidates should be less than 50 yrs of age
IELTS certification
Skill assessment completed as per the visa requirement
Health and character certificate
Immigration Process and processing time
Australia has an immigration system in place to allow immigrants in the country.Higher points score increases the chances of getting selected.
Australian Immigration process
IELTS certification should be taken up on time.
Occupation should be chosen from a Skilled Occupation list(SOL)
Submit an expression of Interest on SkillSelct
60 days are given for Visa submission
Australian immigration rules for new Immigrants
Australian immigration rules and policies change from time to time based on the demand and requirement of the country’s growth, economic development as well as the working environment
Australia to India immigration Various Visa consultancies provide essential details on Australian immigration procedure to Indian applicants who plan to travel to Australia in seek of opportunities