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Australian Government makes changes in Parent Visa

The Australian Government had a plan to introduce legislative changes making the sponsoring of a parent’s visa more expensive. This measure, introduced by Dan Tehan, Social Services Minister, was reversed, as it was facing a challenge in the Senate. There was increasing anger in the migrant communities in this matter.  The government wanted to undo this regulation, as it was better than facing a defeat in the Senate. The members of Labor, cross-benchers like Rex Patrick, Derryn Hinch, Stirling Griff and Tim Storer, were backing the dis-allowance motion of Greens for stopping this change.

Senator McKim said that the minister agreed to issue a new determination, which takes the assurances of support level, back to what it was in the past. The government intended to increase the amount of money, two to three folds that people had to earn, before sponsoring the family member to immigrate Australia.


The changes, took effect in April, and required the residents to have a high salary for bringing their parents to the country on a visa. The amount of annual income for two parents was $86,607. Prior to this law it was merely $45,000. The decision now is that the government will follow the old rules and reassess the condition of migrants who applied after the change in April. Applicants had to face a great deal of trouble and challenges in meeting the new criteria.  It was very hard for them to afford the new changes. Presently they are relieved after this development.

The Australian Government is taking measures to ensure that the fresh immigrants possessed the financial capacity to support their stay. It also wanted to make sure that the social security system was sustainable.

Implications of the changes

The change if made would have affected several migrants who are on waiting list for visas for a long time. The migration agencies in the country received many calls from clients appearing on the waiting list for sponsoring their parents who were afraid of failing in meeting the requirements of the government.

Emma Campbell, CEO of the Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia, said that there were many benefits for new migrants in parental migration. Moreover she welcomed the decision of reversal.

Family reunion was important for Australians who have a migrant background. It helps settlement, improves social cohesion and enhances the contribution to the economy. It was a firm step towards boosting the economic prosperity.

Australians of immigrant background were really concerned that the people earning a low income would not get the opportunity to see their family members.

The waiting period

The waiting period for a parent visa to arrive in Australia is presently around three years for common visas, and 30 years for some other types. These Cases are examined by the Department of Home Affairs.

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Opulentus Consultancy Review – Best Immigration Consultants in Hyderabad


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How Quebec Skilled Worker Immigration Helps in Moving to Canada


While moving overseas, there are many factors to consider. One such factor is the policy of the place we are approaching. Through these views we look at the Quebec skilled worker immigration in detail.

Quebec Skilled Worker Immigration Policy

  • It is ideal for all professionals who are willing to work. It allows people to get into the country especially for work in Quebec
  • Furthermore, the aspirants must have sufficient work experience before they apply for this competitive program. The application must be special and stand out from others.
  • There are a few norms and pre-requisites to follow before applying for the program.
  • A main factor is having good knowledge apart from reading and writing skills of French. This is because; in Quebec everyone speaks French widely and is recognized as a spoken language.
  • The processing time for this policy, is on an average 7 months extending to one year also.
  • Moreover, in this factor the nationality of the candidate is very important. The factors which the Government considers are the number of people applying for the country, and the country from where they apply.
  • Consequently many people apply for it and it also involves a filtering of the candidates.

An Insight

There are strict rules for immigration policies, but when a candidate has the right factors, reaching this program is easy. They can be positive about getting selected.

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