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Australia proceeding to new china visa rules to increase tourism

Immigration newsPrime minister of Malcolm Turnbull said that Australia proceeding to new visa rules for students and visitors from china to improve the country education and tourism economy among the country. As a result the economy of the country has increased with the record number of china visitors i.e., 1 million. China and New Zealand is the fast growing batch with total spending in last year is of 7.7 billion.

At the start of china trip Turnbull said that china is most precious tourism market in Australia and A$ 8.3 billion has contributed by them. he also said mentioned that Australia will make the visa applications easier for china tourists to visit and also tried with 10 years validity visas for the first time. Turnbull mentioned that eight student visa sections are now reduced to two, which resembles the commitment of our country to boost Australia economic story, and which also makes paths to become close.

By this opportunities in academic, economic, social and commercial at entry level will increase further and Australians and Chinese become more closure which is a positive sign. Our country is launching a modernize global tourism campaign with A$40 million to help in filling the hole left by downturn of commodities , targeting to grow up in china market with a traditional large packages.

This created modernize independent and young traveler from china to our country and our economy going to be increased to double by 2024-25. Australia has an unsatisfactory growth in economy before but now china driven Australia such a way that economy has grown drastically which is one third of foreign tourists.

Canada Provinces and Provincial Nominee Program

Provincial Nominee Program Canada is the world’s second largest country; its provinces are resourceful and rich. The Federal structure of the Government allows the provinces to recruit candidates based on the skill shortages and labor market requirements of the Canada. It is the provinces prerogative to recruit candidates based on the requirements of the Canada.

Candidates nominated under non-express entry scheme have to submit an application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Applicants must meet the requirements set by the Canada Provinces.

All the applicants applying for the Provincial Nominee Programs through Canada Express Entry Scheme have to set the desired province as the priority option.

Eligibility for Canada Provincial Nominee Programs:

  •     Initially, apply for the province and then nominated by the province.
  •     In the later stage use for the IRCC for Canada Permanent Resident ship.

All the applicants have to create express entry profile to apply for the Canada Express Entry Scheme.

You can choose any province of the Canada, according to the below-mentioned criteria.

  •     Alberta
  •     British Columbia
  •     Manitoba
  •     New Brunswick
  •     Newfoundland and Labrador
  •     Northwest Territories
  •     Nova Scotia
  •     Ontario
  •     Prince Edward Island
  •     Saskatchewan
  •     Yukon

You can choose any of the provinces each province had its recruitment programs apart from the Canada Express Entry Scheme.

All the regions recruit candidates, based on the local labor market requirements. Canada has one of the longest boundary lines with the United States. Economic immigrants prefer the US bordered provinces; all the provinces take part in the Canada Express Entry Scheme.