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How Opulentus Complaints Desk helps you in immigration process?

Opulentus- the most prominent immigration and visa consultancy has been serving prospective immigrants from quite a decade. With an aim to serve immigrants across the world the visa company has started its operations in 2001. Opulentus is armed with a certified team of visa professionals who have intense knowledge on various immigration procedures. Our visa counselors will assist you in every phase of immigration process and stand first in providing best immigration services. We have gained highest success rate in immigration industry via offering trust-worthy and reliable services. Till today, we have successfully processed thousands of visa applications concerned with various countries such as Canada, Australia, USA, UK, Austria, Denmark, South Africa, Singapore and so on.

Opulentus expansions

In order to make its services accessible to each and every individual, Opulentus has expanded its branches across every corner of the world. At present, the visa company is operating at Hyderabad, Benguluru, Chennai, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune and Mumbai. Right from the point you step in our consultancy we will be backing you by providing outstanding immigration services. Besides catering to each and every immigration need of aspirants, Opulentus complaints desk makes your immigration process free of hassles and hurdles. We make your immigration process easy via eradicating any sort of delays involved in the process.

We attentively listen to your queries and come up with the best possible solution to resolve the difficulties faced by you. Having hands-on experience in various immigration procedures we put efforts to find out the root cause of the problem. The fraud detection policy is one of the best parts of Opulentus which helps to identify any kind of illegitimate exercises involved in immigration process. We employ pro-active measures to maintain confidentiality in clients’ data. We make sure that clients’ information is revealed to only government organizations taking part in immigration process. Thus, Opulentus complaints desk makes your immigration process free of hurdles.

Why Opulentus is best in Immigration industry?

Opulentus is revolutionizing the world of immigration industry by dispensing quality and finest immigration services to its clients over all times. By the virtue of its exceptional and outstanding immigration services, Opulentus stood one among the top-notch immigration and visa consultancies in the world. Opulentus visa counselors are highly proficient and outfit the immigration needs of each and every clientele. Our visa experts provide continuous guidance and support throughout the immigration process. The main motto of Opulentus is to maintain integrity, transparency and quality while rendering immigration services to each and every individual.

Role of Opulentus visa consultants 

With an intention to help aspirants in immigration process, Opulentus Overseas careers has made its debut in 2001 and spread its network across India and even abroad. At present Opulentus operations spanned across various locations such as Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Benguluru, Chennai, Pune and Ahmedabad. The dedication and commitment of visa consultants is one of the main reasons behind every success of Opulentus. We assist you in filing an application concerned with various categories of visas including work, study, family, temporary, business, permanent, dependent, visitor visas etc. for diverse countries such as USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Austria, Hong Kong, Denmark and so on.

As immigration process is vital and expensive so to make it simple and safe for potential aspirants, our visa experts guide you with all the documents and formalities required to be done for filing an application successfully. As we process your application according to the current immigration rules, regulations and procedures, it becomes easy for aspirants to get their visas issued by immigration authorities of respective countries. Thus, Opulentus makes your immigration process easy and hassle-free.

Opulentus complaints division accepts genuine complaints

Opulentus complaintsEstablished in 2001, Opulentus has paved path for aspirants who wish to migrate to any
specific country. The visa company has been serving customers by catering to their immigration needs at all times. Armed with experienced and highly skilled professionals, Opulentus is renowned for its quality and superior services. Our visa advisors have assisted incredible number of people to make them successfully settle in various nations such as Australia, Canada, USA, UK, Denmark, Singapore, Hong Kong, Austria and many others. Being well-versed in various aspects of immigration our visa counselors assist you right from beginning till you attain desired visa.

How Opulentus ensures privacy?

Maintaining privacy in the clients’ data is our primary concern and we always strive to achieve it. During immigration process one needs to share both personal and professional information required for immigration with immigration agency. So, the data shared by you should be maintained confidentially to avoid any sort of illegal exercises. Opulentus complaints department stand first in securing your privacy information. We follow a rigid fraud detection policy to guarantee that client’s information is kept secure and to avoid any sort of fraudulence activities. We take measures to ensure that clients’ information is disclosed only to government agencies taking part in immigration process.

A team of certified professionals from complaints department are specially employed to deal with clients queries and concerns throughout the immigration process. Opulentus complaints desk addresses clients’ issues and comes up with best possible solution to resolve the issues. We diligently cater to your needs and help you to procure your immigration requirements. But, we accept only genuine complaints and we are not liable for any sort of illegal exercises employed by clients. As Opulentus is successfully providing best immigration services’ from 10 years, it is recognized as the most reputed visa consultancy in the world. 

Opulentus unique strategies simplify your immigration process

Opulentus Overseas Careers stood first among the top-notch immigration service providers offering the best immigration services to clients from a decade. Equipped with a team of highly dedicated professionals, the visa company offers superior immigration services to its valued clients. Our visa advisors help guide you in each and every phase of immigration process by providing information about documentary and other essentials required for immigration process. We have helped thousands of individuals who wish to settle or work or study in various nations including Canada, Australia, USA, UK, Austria, Denmark and many others.

Established in 2001, Opulentus has expanded its branches at various locations including Hyderabad, Benguluru, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad and Delhi. Offering Quality and finest immigration services is the main motto of Opulentus. The term ‘Migration’ incorporates many rules, regulations and procedures to be followed. One needs to be very careful while filing an application because a single mistake may result in rejection of your visa. Hence, one needs to approach a reputed visa consultancy to process their application successfully. Established with an aim of providing first-class immigration services, Opulentus is effectively catering to the growing immigration needs at all times.

Opulentus visa counselors are well-manned and assist you in all the aspects concerned with immigration process. The pre-assessment test is one of the best things about Opulentus which helps our clients to save their money and time. While migrating to other country you require assistance concerned with various aspects such as accommodation, job and travel assistance. Opulentus also helps you in these aspects by offering post landing services to its clients. We also have a complaints sector which is employed especially to deal with customer queries and issues. Besides providing best immigration services, Opulentus also offers tangible benefits to its clients.

Opulentus complaints department swiftly resolves your immigration issues

Opulentus immigration consultancy is one stop destination for all issues concerned with immigration process. Opulentus is equipped with an extra-ordinary team of visa consultants who have been successfully serving the immigration needs of its customers for years together. Having more than 10 years of experience in this domain, Opulentus visa counselors can assist you with entire immigration process. Our main objective is to gain 100% client satisfaction and we strive to achieve it. Our quality and finest immigration services’ made Opulentus the most sought destination for each and every aspirant.

Opulentus team smoothens your immigration process

Privacy is one the important aspect in immigration process and we take necessary steps to maintain client’s information secure and confidential. We implement rigid fraud detection policy to ensure that only authorized persons can access client’s data. Migration process is very intricate & time consuming besides involving lots of fraudulence activities. Even if you file an application with utmost care still there is a chance to face some issues and concerns during immigration process. Such issues and complications are handled well by the Opulentus complaints department. We identify the root cause of the problem and come up with best possible solution.

All genuine issues and complaints are timely and effectively addressed by the Opulentus complaints department. But, we are not liable for the issues which are caused due to the negligence of clients including submission of fake documents, employing illegal activities, not abiding to the immigration rules and regulations of destined countries and not attending for visa interview. In all the aforesaid cases, we are not responsible for the rejection of your visa. But we are happy to hear genuine complaints and to put efforts to certainly resolve your issues on time. The only thing we expect from you is to co-operate with us during the whole immigration process.

Switzerland sets forth new article of Federal Constitution on immigration

Switzerland‘s Federal Council officially agreed to the plan for executing the new article of the Federal Constitution associated to immigration.

The plan summarizes how the Federal Council will place the limits and quotas for managing immigration to Switzerland beginning February 2017. Quotas will be applicable for permits valid for four months or even greater.

Federal Constitution’s new article will not be limited to review of immigration regulations but also recognizes other challenges pertaining to domestic and foreign policy.

Federal council considers various factors pertaining to job market and economy when it sets the measuring limits and quotas. The task to implement the new constitutional article will be shared by cantons and Confederation. Besides, the decision of Federal council will depend on the numbers that the cantons state.

Residence permits as well as short stay permits that are valid for a period of four to 12 months will be imposed with quotas. Precedence given to the people already living in Switzerland will be considered while issuing any kind of work permit liable to a quota. Cross border travelers will also be liable to a quota.

Members of EU and EFTA will be subject to fewer restrictions when compared to persons of third countries. Even, if they lack certain special qualifications they will be allowed.

The Federal Department of Justice and Police (FDJP) will prepare the draft act for discussion depending on major aspects of the concept, which is expected to be ready by end of 2014. FDJP will work closely with Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research (EAER) and Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) in accomplishing this task.

Malaysian new immigration service accelerates expat work permits

Malaysia has announced the launch of Malaysian Immigration’s Expatriates Services Division as a part of the country’s drive to attract talented foreign professionals in competition with other major countries.

New expat service announced by Datuk Seri Najib Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia, has gained the appreciation from employers since it reduces the wait times for expat work permits from 30 days to simply five days. The division will act as one-stop center to provide all kind of immigration needs including all major work permits.

Key businesses and investors will experience major enhancements in the approval process of work permit. Besides, expat professionals who enter the country can start their work without waiting for one month.

The New center will deal with various services ranging from resident passes, professional visit passes, employment passes to visitor passes and dependent passes. Thus, will save time and will speed up the progress of expat workers to arrive and settle in Malyasia. The service will be introduced in some of Malaysian states starting with Johor and Penang and will be extended to include other organizations like Multimedia Development Corporation and the Development Authority.

US embassy celebrates student visa day in New Delhi

The US embassy organized “student visa day” on 19 June 2014 in New Delhi and roughly 800 applicants willing to pursue their higher education in the US were interviewed.

On this occasion, the embassy staff has provided the students with tips and information regarding the campus life and academics in their country.

Cynthia Haley, Consul General, said that United States has world’s renowned educational institutions and a huge number of visa applications are filed. The student aspirants present at the event expressed that US offers flexible higher education system which is attractive.

There has been huge rise in number of visa applications filed for US  visas since October 2013  and visa issuances has increased by 40% in comparison with the same duration in 2013. Roughly 100,000 students from India are pursuing their studies in the US at present.

Michael Pelletier, Embassy Charge d’ Affaires, said as the Indian students prepare to pursue higher studies in the US, they are not only contributing to their personal future bust also to links between the two nations.

Opulentus is a true immigration leader

Hi friends. This is Varun, a software professional employed in Australia. Today, I will tell you how Opulentus helped in proving the little world I know as to how important I am.

Two years ago I worked in a giant software company in Chennai. After one year service, I got an opportunity to leave for USA on a project work.

On completion of just six months, they wanted to replace me with another person and bring me back to Chennai office. I was not really ready and appealed to the company. It was of no use anyway.

I came back as I had no option but I asked them again after a year to me send to overseas. They insulted me and said I don’t deserve to work overseas. It was then that I approached Opulentus.

Opulentus people processed my application. I am in Australia now earning ten times more than that I use to earn in Chennai. Thanks Opulentus for making me feel important.

China eyes at skilled immigrants

Chinese immigration officials have expressed the need for inviting more skilled immigrants to China.  To achieve the same, the officials said, the immigration policy would be revamped.

Briefing the media more on this, a senior immigration official (under the condition of anonymity) has said, the new immigration policy would append a skill list to the existing policy.

The point-based skill list would enable the immigration specialists to cut down on the unskilled labour who applies for Chinese visas.

Further, such new policy would aim at long term and short term development of all professions. When asked about his views on encouraging skilled labour to China, director of the Centre for China and Globalization, Wang Huigo stressed on the need to remove all obstacles that prevent skilled individuals arrive in China for employment.

He has also observed that a large number of skilled Chinese nationals were migrating to foreign countries. In order to witness a rapid development, equal employment opportunities should be provided to the talented apart from encouraging talented foreign nationals to work in China, he reportedly said.

It has to be mentioned here that as less as 8,49,000 foreign national are residing in China, a number that’s very less compared to other countries.

Although a permanent resident policy was introduced in China back in 2003, it’s apparently disappointing for Chinese think tanks that only 5000 green cards were issued to foreigners.

Meanwhile, immigration experts in Canada and US were of the opinion that the government in China should educate their people on the need to welcome talent immigrants.