Canada Overcomes Techonology Sector Shortage with Global Talent Stream


Job Opportunities for Skilled Professionals in Canada

The progress of Canadian technology firms depends on attracting, hiring as well as retaining right talents.  Many Canadian technology companies faced the problem for years in attracting suitable candidates and fill vacancies required for expansion and growth. Presently, Canada needs engineering graduates, experienced professionals and senior-level managers with an experience in reputed tech firms, who have helped in the growth of business at the international level. Overall, there are more vacancies than the available candidates in this sector.

The U.S. is the destination of many right candidates as it has a thriving technology sector. Simultaneously many foreign companies prefer Canada, and there are several jobs but good candidates are missing. For attracting the suitable talent, the country has to adopt new measures and look beyond the present technology ecosystem.

For This reason the Global Talent Stream was introduced in 2017 initially for two years. It had the aim of boosting the talent pool of skilled persons in Canada.

Important Features of The Global Talent Stream

It only takes Two-weeks for the processing of Canada work permit applications as well as Canada visa applications for highly skilled talent.

There is an exclusive service for companies which can create significant number of jobs in Canada.

Companies which apply for workers using the GTS can access the new streamlined process of application which provides:

A service with a focus on the Client to help eligible employers in the application process and in the development of the Labor Market Benefits Plan, in ten business days,

The workers are Eligible for processing of their work-permit applications in ten business days,

Before introducing this program, the waiting for overseas skilled workers visa took a year’s time. Now, this visa process is completed in 14-days only.

The Global Talent Stream since its launch has received applications exceeding 800 for more than 900 vacancies. 300 employers have used the program and 70 among them have applied for more visas. GTS helps employers to add experienced and talented employees and leads to the progress of a company.

Global Talent Stream Work Permit Exemption: Requirements

In case of applying at a visa or at the Port of Entry, candidates need to provide documents showing that the short-term exemption is applicable. The documents are:

  • Formal job offer
  • Letter from employer which describes NOC code, duties, and tenure of employment

Researchers need these documents:

  • Letter from qualifying institution which describes duties, NOC code and time of research
  • Proof of qualifications which shows educational excellence
  • Description of ways in which the candidate will add value to the research project

The aim of the stream is to help technology firms to attract and assimilate the right talents and support future growth. It creates a large pool of modern jobs for all the parties. Before creating the Stream, the federal government had a discussion with technology CEOs of several Canadian firms. The intention was to know the ways to make the program efficient and tackle the issue of talent shortages. Furthermore the next step will be to work with the heads of tech companies, members of the industry and innovators to give the pilot program a permanent place in enlisting talents.

Other details

There is a report by the Information and Communications Technology Council which shows that by 2020 Canada will face a severe shortage of tech workers. The reason is inadequate supply in matching the growing demand. This program will serve this need in a big way.

Also there is a need for the federal government to include cooperation with innovators in developing a national talent-retention strategy. Besides, promoting of STEM education in all publicly funded academic institutions is also the need of the day.

Australian Government makes changes in Parent Visa

The Australian Government had a plan to introduce legislative changes making the sponsoring of a parent’s visa more expensive. This measure, introduced by Dan Tehan, Social Services Minister, was reversed, as it was facing a challenge in the Senate. There was increasing anger in the migrant communities in this matter.  The government wanted to undo this regulation, as it was better than facing a defeat in the Senate. The members of Labor, cross-benchers like Rex Patrick, Derryn Hinch, Stirling Griff and Tim Storer, were backing the dis-allowance motion of Greens for stopping this change.

Senator McKim said that the minister agreed to issue a new determination, which takes the assurances of support level, back to what it was in the past. The government intended to increase the amount of money, two to three folds that people had to earn, before sponsoring the family member to immigrate Australia.


The changes, took effect in April, and required the residents to have a high salary for bringing their parents to the country on a visa. The amount of annual income for two parents was $86,607. Prior to this law it was merely $45,000. The decision now is that the government will follow the old rules and reassess the condition of migrants who applied after the change in April. Applicants had to face a great deal of trouble and challenges in meeting the new criteria.  It was very hard for them to afford the new changes. Presently they are relieved after this development.

The Australian Government is taking measures to ensure that the fresh immigrants possessed the financial capacity to support their stay. It also wanted to make sure that the social security system was sustainable.

Implications of the changes

The change if made would have affected several migrants who are on waiting list for visas for a long time. The migration agencies in the country received many calls from clients appearing on the waiting list for sponsoring their parents who were afraid of failing in meeting the requirements of the government.

Emma Campbell, CEO of the Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia, said that there were many benefits for new migrants in parental migration. Moreover she welcomed the decision of reversal.

Family reunion was important for Australians who have a migrant background. It helps settlement, improves social cohesion and enhances the contribution to the economy. It was a firm step towards boosting the economic prosperity.

Australians of immigrant background were really concerned that the people earning a low income would not get the opportunity to see their family members.

The waiting period

The waiting period for a parent visa to arrive in Australia is presently around three years for common visas, and 30 years for some other types. These Cases are examined by the Department of Home Affairs.

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Opulentus Consultancy Review – Best Immigration Consultants in Hyderabad


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How Quebec Skilled Worker Immigration Helps in Moving to Canada


While moving overseas, there are many factors to consider. One such factor is the policy of the place we are approaching. Through these views we look at the Quebec skilled worker immigration in detail.

Quebec Skilled Worker Immigration Policy

  • It is ideal for all professionals who are willing to work. It allows people to get into the country especially for work in Quebec
  • Furthermore, the aspirants must have sufficient work experience before they apply for this competitive program. The application must be special and stand out from others.
  • There are a few norms and pre-requisites to follow before applying for the program.
  • A main factor is having good knowledge apart from reading and writing skills of French. This is because; in Quebec everyone speaks French widely and is recognized as a spoken language.
  • The processing time for this policy, is on an average 7 months extending to one year also.
  • Moreover, in this factor the nationality of the candidate is very important. The factors which the Government considers are the number of people applying for the country, and the country from where they apply.
  • Consequently many people apply for it and it also involves a filtering of the candidates.

An Insight

There are strict rules for immigration policies, but when a candidate has the right factors, reaching this program is easy. They can be positive about getting selected.

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Immigrate to Australia here are the 7 smart things to do


2018 is the right year to immigrate to Australia. We present the seven tasks that should appear on the to-do list:

1-Do the Australia immigration Eligibility Assessment

 Firstly, we require a visa to Immigrate to Australia. The government gives a number of visas for many purposes, like working or investing in a business.

After doing an Australia Eligibility Assessment the applicants can find out about their qualifying for one of the visas. It will also show if immigration is proper and inform about the type of visa. Moreover, the passport must be valid for making a visa application.

2 -The Passport Must be Up to Date

This is an essential requirement for making a visa application.

3 -Get a Cost Estimate

Getting a realistic estimate of costs will help in solving the financial matters. Not only must the people realize the expenses regarding moving to the country but also they must calculate a few things. These are factors like Flights; visas initial living cost, housing, emergency and medical expenses.

4 -Research about Australia

Additionally, the first time arrivals must conduct a thorough research. Look out for the quality of life, the comparison of cities and territories, and the atmosphere to work in Australia.  Prepare better for a new life.

5 -Decide about your home and the contents you need

Decide about buying or renting a place in Australia. The belongings will have to be shipped. Otherwise, store or sell everything when you decide about migrating. Compare the transportation routes and costs.

Moreover, decide about selling your existing home. A wise step is to rent it. There will be a source of income to meet the day to day expenses.

Also, decide between renting and buying when you reach Australia. Renting is affordable.

6 -Decide about hiring an Australia immigration Agent

Furthermore, the immigration agent to deal must be registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority of Australia. Good immigration agents can give good immigration advice.

7 -In Australia, start looking for jobs in Australia

Explore the job market and get an insight into the available jobs. Also, check the salaries in an industry. Also, know about the skills and experience which the employers need.

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Best degrees for international students to get a high-paying job in Canada


Study in Canada

Studying in Canada is the ideal path to become a permanent resident in Canada. After completing the graduation in a college or university of Canada, they have a big range of options to stay in the country. Furthermore, when a person desires to stay in Canada permanently, getting a high paying job is the first priority.

As a result, we are producing some details to find the degrees which can help to find a good job in Canada.



The Royal Bank of Canada which is a trusted bank of Canada has released a list recently. Firstly, it contains the ten most valuable degrees having a good demand in Canada. We have identified the trends and arranged the best options in Canadian studies.


The Engineering sector has as many as 40% top earning degrees. Studying engineering is a fine option for ensuring a good salary after completing graduation. Furthermore, Engineering is based on the background of mathematics and science. More knowledge of a specific type helps in engineering. The list of RBC includes these types of courses in engineering:

Civil Engineering (Salary in 2017: $80,080 CAD), Special Engineering (Salary in 2017: $85,009 CAD), Software Engineering (Salary in 2017: $90,001 CAD), and Petroleum and Chemical Engineering (Salary in 2017: $104,000 CAD) present a good choice here.

The engineering degrees need a mandatory internship or co-operative work while pursuing studies. The courses in the list are ideal to study. The international students will have work experience in Canada and this will be a huge advantage at the time of moving into the job market.


Presently, the population of Canada is aging at a rapid pace. As a result, the healthcare system is expanding constantly to meet the demands. In this scenario there is an urgent need of more healthcare professionals. They can take up the professions like nurses and pharmacists. Furthermore the students must have a passion for science and also possess high degree of compassion for humanity. Through this they can get a secure job after completing graduation in Canada.

Salary of Nurses in 2017: $84,510 CAD

Salary of Pharmacists in 2017: $102,398 CAD

These fields are regulated in Canada, and hence the persons who wish to become professionals must follow the licensing process. Consequently, when you get the license, finding a job is simple and easy.


The business and finance programs also have a presence in the list. All successful businessmen need a team of professional business administrators to keep their activities smooth.  Moreover, the candidates who have a passion for administration, business, and management must pursue these degrees. They have a great chance of employment after completing graduation:

Business Administration Salary in 2017: $85,508 CAD, Finance Salary in 2017: $103,376 CAD, Business and Management Science Salary in 2017: $110,000-115,000 CAD, are good in this field.

The candidates, who complete a degree and possess some business experience, are eligible to take up a Master’s in Business Administration in the country. This degree is of great help to take a leadership role in employment.

There are many programs in Canada, which offer a good scope to the international students.

H-1B Visa Holders ready to seek an Intra-Company Transfer to Canada


Do you have a plan to work in Canada?
Canada is in a constant need to seek skilled overseas workers owing to its powerful job market. Highly educated, skilled and trained immigrants arrive in Canada and also become permanent residents in less than six months by using the Express Entry system.
About Canada
Canada has a sizable trade with the USA and accordingly, there is great economic activity between the two nations. There are subsidiaries, branches, parent companies, and company affiliates which operate in the US. Furthermore, these businesses can transfer overseas workers to Canada by using the intra-company transfer. They need not have to offer a job to citizens and permanent residents of Canada.
The eligibility norms for an Intra-Company Transfer to Canada are:
The candidate must have one year of full-time work experience in an overseas enterprise
Moreover, having a specialized knowledge or a senior managerial position helps,
The interested person must reach Canada to do comparable work for the affiliate in Canada. The position must be in an executive, senior manager level or specialized knowledge category.
Norms for qualifying
Many present US H-1B visa holders can qualify for an Intra-Company Transfer. This will lead to become a Canadian PR. Firstly in Canada there is an active recruitment in high technology fields, for educated and trained immigrants. Recent Presidential changes to US immigration policy have created a favorable position for Canada. Accordingly, it has become an attractive option for immigrants.
Global Talent Stream
Canada has the Global Talent Stream to actively recruit skilled and educated immigrants for building its economy. This is a fast-track visa for skilled immigrants. Moreover, it has approved a permanent Start-Up Visa Program exclusively for Entrepreneurs. It provides private and public funding programs for supporting innovation and growth. Holders of H-1B visa who wish to immigrate to Canada can avail a good chance to pass through. They can move to Canada easily. The country has many personal and professional opportunities.
There are many consultants who offer strategic advice based on their expertise. Owing to the constantly changing laws and regulations their help is greatly useful in immigration.

UK workforce demands 200000 Immigrants yearly to resolve post Brexit debacle

UK workforce demands 200000 Immigrants yearly to resolve post Brexit debacle UK is subsequently facing repercussion of a weakening Economy with the demand of 2,00,000 immigrants yearly needs to be bucketed to avoid the collapse of its falling GDP growth resulting due to the alarming labor market situation which is attributed to falling dependency ratio. This ratio is mainly concerned with the no. of working class present age of the to the present age of the elderly working class, i.e., above 65 yrs.

This figure is supposed to fall under 3.5 which had in the past been above 5.This causes ripples in the economic proposition which demands the working class individuals to be young and dynamic rather than being aged above the criteria which have been a standard of 45-50yrs.The industry-wise demand of laborers is different based on the need of the prevailing market condition with subsequent employee shortage.

At least 1,30,000 foreign workers will be required each year to fulfill U K’s workforce demands with propensity. With growing number of people aged above 65 yrs, health-care claims would increase which would also result in declining GDP.

With industries in hospitality, food processing and agriculture sector mainly requiring a minimum of 60,000 inflow of immigrants yearly to sustain the quality and capacity of work going on. It has now become a prerogative of UK  ministerial board post-Brexit to understand the implications in the absence of Immigration

Intensified Tier 2 visa CoS for the UK employers to hire Immigrants

Intensified Tier 2 visa CoS for the UK employers to hire Immigrants.

Employer and organization from the UK who wish to hire an international employ from outside the UK under Tier2 visa should be authorized with Tier 2 sponsorship license.

The employer should meet certain criteria and need to get registered with Visas & Immigration of UK as a Licensed Sponsor to get eligible for Tier 2 sponsorship visa.

In recent times the number is going up for in granting the Tier 2 visa sponsorship certificate for the UK organizations authorized to hire the foreign professional workers under Tier 2 visa program.

In November 2016 the data released by the UK Visa & Immigration Department stated that an obtainable number of (CoS) Certificates of Sponsorship in December are 2,932.

If they want to employ the non-EU immigrants, the employer holding Tier 2 Sponsorship have to apply for the (CoS) Certificates of Sponsorship.

According to the present norms of UK immigration department, the employer holding the unused Tier 2 restricted CoS can retrieve after three months to hire the foreign professional Immigrants, so this ultimately intensifies the CoS for organizations.

On November 11th, 2016 the meeting held regarding CoS, stated that the applicants who has submitted the form by 5th Nov and scored 21 points and above are granted with the process.

Planning to apply for Australian Student Visa

International students planning to study in the Kangaroo land must ensure that they meet all the requirement standards set by Australia. Students before filing an application online must have the required set of documents and funds to support themselves financially in Australia


Australia wants you to be productive, play a crucial role in its development process and become part of its role. It expects people to be honest and maintain integrity with the laws of land. So, plan accordingly to procure the visa. So, below presented requirements could possibly help you to obtain the visa.

Financial Proof:  AU$19,830 (~US$15,170) for a year must be shown as living expenses in addition to travel and living expenses.

If you are taking your dependents along with you, then you must show at least AU$60,000 (~US$45,850) a year.

English proficiency requirement: Valid scores of English languages must be produced as proof, IELTS, TOEFL-iBT, Pearson test of English and Cambridge Advanced English (CAE).

Health requirements: Must have good health condition and the same approved by the Australian immigration department.

Character requirements: Australian student visa requirements demand a police statement and ask you to sign Character Statutory Declaration Form.

Australian Universities : Are well known for their best infrastructure, education standards and offer numerous courses. Students willing to apply must prepare all the requisite documentation to apply for Australia Immigration.

If you apply with much careful attention, you easily get student visa. Why the word careful used here, is even small mistake could lead to rejection. To avoid rejection and dejection please, seek the experienced consultants